The following fees include time spent outside the consultation in preparation of materials, session planning, and liaising with parents and professionals.

Initial assessment and report: £150  This includes a case history, one initial assessment session and feedback. A report will follow with a programme of activities where necessary. The session lasts up to 90 minutes.

Assessment for Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP): £280  This includes two assessment sessions, one at home and one in your child’s educational setting (if appropriate). Formal and informal procedures may be used. A detailed assessment report will follow with recommendations made.

Therapy sessions: £70 per hour, £60 per 45 minutes, £50 per 30 minutes  Sessions are offered at the child’s home or at their nursery/school.  The duration of therapy sessions will be discussed following your initial assessment session.

Reassessments or reviews: £70 per hour This includes a consultation session and a short summary report outlining what progress has been made towards the child’s targets.

Written reports and programmes for home/nursery/school: £70 per hour This will include a programme of activities with defined targets, tailored to each individual child’s needs. Resources will be provided where necessary.

Nursery/school visits or meetings: £70 per hour